Persona is no longer actively developed by Mozilla. Mozilla has committed to operational and security support of the services until November 30th, 2016.

On November 30th, 2016, Mozilla will shut down the services. and related domains will be taken offline.

If you run a website that relies on Persona, you need to implement an alternative login solution for your users before this date. For more information, see this guide to migrating your site away from Persona:

Everybody hates passwords.

Persona lets you sign in to websites with any email address in as few as two clicks, without the need to create a new password.

Passwords – prepare to die.

Persona already provides a password-free sign-in to supporting websites for 700 million Google and Yahoo account holders.

Choose your own identity

Persona works with any email address, which makes it easy to keep your work and personal lives separate.

Control what you share

Unlike social login, Persona only shares an email address that you choose. Everything else is up to you.

Works everywhere.

Browser icons

The Web is bigger than any one browser, social network, or email provider. That's why Persona works on all of these supported browsers and devices.

Today a service, tomorrow a standard

Currently we support Persona with our own infrastructure, but soon we’ll build it into our products like Firefox and make it available in other browser add-ons. We aim to make it a standard that can operate independently of Mozilla’s reputation, leveraging existing standards like HTTP, JSON and JWT. Until that time, Persona is just a JavaScript call away.

Mozilla to the rescue

Mozilla’s mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. And just like our flagship product Firefox, Persona champions you – your security, privacy, and the quality of your online life.